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In Person or On The Phone

Created to maximize your individual company or business results, this program is customized just for your needs. Together, we work on the items and issues that affect your business the most, setting up goals and accomplishments that move us from where we are now to where you want to go.

Issues can include product, money, people, marketing, lead generation, sales, customer retention, or any topic that you might imagine that represents a road block for your business progress.​

I take an encouraging approach, positively leading you in the direction that together we feel will is best for your business. Make no mistake, you will be accountable; while I may be encouraging, we both expect results. That is why you hire me. Would you want any less effort from yourself or your staff?

Time-wise, meetings will be about an hour per week, but some may be longer or shorter, as needed. Expect to put in 4 or 5 hours additional per week working ON your company and the goals and tasks that we set together.

Our meetings can be arranged before or after hours, during the day, or evening. Meetings can be by phone or in person, at a location mutually agreed. This is custom tailored to fit your schedule and mine.

The cost is also customized to fit your needs and depends upon the time required. When you see the results that you get, you will understand that this is a bargain.

I still do pro bono work for those in need. Providing a hand to someone that needs it, particularly at a critical time, is something I strongly believe. Unfortunately, I only have so much time to give, but I am willing to do it.  Do not be afraid to ask. I try to donate at least 10% of my time and effort.

Our first meeting can be free. Come prepared for an hour-and-a-half of questions and I will respond with an analysis of your business. You can use that to understand what we can do together or you can use that to help better yourself. Either way, if you are prepared to spend the time, you will get something of value.

My guarantee is that within 3 months, if you follow what we map out for your business, you will make additional profit to at least cover my fee. If not, I will work for free until you do make that much more money.

Contact me to learn more and get started now.

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