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Build Your Business

Be prepared for an intense learning and writing experience that facilitates you in creating your own plan for your business. You will spend all the time that you need at your pace, learning with your instructor Tom Rucktenwald through this DVD package; you will intersperse study with writing the business plan section-by-section in a manner specific for your company.


Business plans, marketing plans, in-depth studies and seminars -- learn how to build your business the right way. The key to success is to have a plan and have it in writing. We can guide you through the process while turning the fear of a dreaded chore into the excitement of owning your own business.


Tom, your class on plan building was simply incredible. I really did not know how a plan intimately is connected with the success of my company. Thanks for making it successful. I highly recommend others to go! 

           -- Eric B. President, I-Billboards

I hope that this is That Great Day for you.

Chances are, since you're here, you are either just getting started, you are hoping to make a change, or business is just not what you had hoped. 


Great news -- That Great Day can help.

We specialize in NEW beginnings. If you have come here for the same old tired platitudes you get from a consultant or business coach, you are in the wrong spot.

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