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Tom Rucktenwald's seminars have empowered me with vital knowledge needed to develop creative solutions for my everyday business problems. His coaching has given me motivation to not only improve my business but also to take action towards my life goals.

Felipe, Health Care Marketing, Tustin, CA

Tremendous value. Painless program to get through the meat of a marketing plan in a 6 hour day. The organization of material, pace, and encouragement were most beneficial. Most people get stumped or discouraged when doing this.  The terminology, instruction and assistance throughout were wonderful.

Brad Mailly, I-Billboards

This was a great instruction on how to write a business plan and actually doing it. The workbook style fill in as you go with great instruction was wonderful. The speakers were very knowledgeable and I enjoyed the small group interaction.

Molly Peterson, Molly Peterson, Inc. and Regency Real Estate

I just want to thank Tom Rucktenwald for his diligence and professionalism in mentoring my business. Tom's care has been very helpful to my paint contracting business in many ways, especially in lead generation and marketing ideas. The program goes beyond that though in causing me to rethink what I've been doing for 30 years so that for the next 30, my business can work for me instead of the other way around.

Even through this recession, with Tom, we have been busy and actually have made some money. I think I would have just assumed failure was the only option if Tom had not walked me along some different roads and helped me lose some shackles that have been holding me back for way too long. He demonstrated ways to test processes that have introduced creative new practices and toss away some unproductive ones.

I am confident that the practices introduced to me are, and will continue to be, baring fruit as long as I am partnered with my coach, Tom Rucktenwald.

Thanks again for picking me up and setting my feet on some solid ground. I look forward to this year, which I anticipate will be my most successful yet.

Al, Painting Contractor, Mission Viejo, CA

The workshop gave me a structure to flesh out our business plan. I found the vision and culture statements to be very beneficial.

Craig Muranaka, CTO, Elite Developement Group

Tom, your class on plan building was simply incredible. I really did not know how a plan intimately is connected with the success of my company. Thanks for making it successful. I highly recommend others to go!

Eric Brenn, President of I-Billboards

Tom Rucktenwald says "If you don't have a plan, you don't have a clue." I was pretty clueless, but with Tom's consultation and expertise, I now have a plan. Tom's guidance has been essential and his caring commitment continues to be invaluable. Tom will help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses to create a successful plan. If you are serious about your strengths and weaknesses, want to create a successful plan, or if you are serious about building your business --   call Tom.

Teresa Taylor, Owner, TTaylor Photography

I know how to get my business plan going. The accounting and legal info was valuable. The entire workshop was very educational and made me realize areas of my business that I have not paid attention to.

Robert Butler, Butler Sound Design

Your workshop forced me to create an outline for my marketing plan. The lead generation section was most beneficial. I needed it all and you presented this well without dragging things out.

Rob Brandolino, President of World 4 Communications Corp.

Tom Rucktenwald's 12 week Seminar Series created the road to success, step by step as it delved on the various aspects of owning, operating, and marketing a business; YOUR Business. You learn to work "ON" it and not just "IN" the business, a concept that was new. The workshops felt like a custom tailored course allowing each participant to draw on the expertise of the coach as we worked through concepts and issues that pertained to our individual business...we benefited for 12 weeks.

You chart your own course, so why not take command of your ship, and eventually your FLEET! I now think more outside the box and have implement many aspects learned in this course. These seminars are a management tool that no business can afford to be without. I highly recommend Tom. His experience, intuitive insight and tested techniques work... are unparalleled. You will succeed if you utilize and stick to them.

Linda, Photographer, Orange County, CA

The business plan workshop made me think through business development issues that I must get done. The marketing plan workshop forced me to think about and commit to a marketing plan. The social media section was impressive because it is a world I am clueless to.

Charles Waltman, President, Pacific Burial at Sea Service

The business plan workshop finally got me going on my business plan.  The marketing plan workshop made me think through and filter out all my ideas into 5 solid lead generating strategies.

Eric Bollmann, President, Haines & Cross

This workshop was extremely valuable. It gave us focus and drive to write it down. The accounting and notebook for the layout of the plan were most beneficial.

Tiffany Butler, Butler Sound Design

Tom is incredible. Starting into the fitness business can be frightening because we are only taught physical movements in college.  Business planning, marketing, and strategizing are dark territories. Tom has been my light through the misunderstandings and confusions. He puts me and keeps me on the successful financial fitness track.

Adam Wright, Fitness the Wright Way

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