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Welcome to 1 EIGHTY

A classic progressive band focusing on a range of music that spans musical creativity.  While the band will do songs with extended harmonization, it can also rock the house and play the blues.  1 EIGHTY will do cover music as well as originals. Find us on SoundCloud and Facebook.

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Latest Release

Tom’s House Productions is pleased to release the newest Cascade Sisters recording, After the Gold Rush.

This release comes from a live and successful performance in the November 2023 Show.  The song was written by Neil Young and the Cascade Sisters arrangement was fashioned after a performance of this song by Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt.

After the Gold Rush *

Diane Barbera (Vocals)

Karen Dobbs (Vocals)

Clarissa Gregory (Vocals)

Mary Farwell (guitar)

Carlos Barbera (guitar)

Dave Maggoria (keyboards)


 * A Tom’s House Productions release., Mixed, and Mastered at Tom’s House Recording Studios.


Pictures, LogoTM by Andy Pieski

1 Eighty Ad.jpeg

The band is unrestrained in its approach. 


1 EIGHTY’s home location is Tom’s House.  Rehearsals are held regularly there and, in the future, the band intends to invite the public to visit and enjoy an intimate performance session. 


All sessions in Tom’s House, whether rehearsal or performance, begin with a jam.  All of this “jamming” music is extemporaneous and completely unrehearsed.  The band begins with an initial concept, and the music progresses through themes and expressions until it naturally concludes. 


For the performance sessions, after the jam concludes, the band will perform songs that it has prepared.  Tom’s House is open to anyone to come and enjoy the immersion of musical creativity and the fun that you might have with songs that you may know, love, enjoy, or find new and exciting.

​How Did 1 EIGHTY Start?

All of the band members and performers in 1 EIGHTY are Trilogy Musician’s Initiative (TMI) members and past or present performers in the TMI Performance Band. 


At one point, TMI considered expanding its musical outreach in the Trilogy Orlando/Cascades of Groveland community.  1 EIGHTY was the beginning of that process.   After some time, TMI wisely reached the conclusion that they needed to concentrate on the Performance Band.  1 EIGHTY had already begun their journey and the original core members decided that they would continue down their path.


How did 1 EIGHTY Get Its Name?

It is the street number of Tom’s House.


Additionally, 180 degrees is a semi-circle and most of our performances in Tom’s House will be in that configuration.  The 2,000 watt sound system employed by the band uses array technology that provides 180 degree dispersion of sound. 


180 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature where the thermostat opens and coolant flows through the engine of your car; when 1 EIGHTY heats up, music will flow through Tom’s House. 


“Doing a full 180” is a complete change, which is what our music will sometimes do.  It is also completely different than the offerings from TMI, our fellow musicians joining us in the pursuit of musical excellence.  


We hope this musical turnaround will be as exciting for you as it is for us.

What is 1 EIGHTY’s Path and Plan Going Forward?


Our future existence lies on a path that is different than other musical entities in the community and surrounding area.  Our primary interest is play creatively and to record music, creating an album prior to public performance.  We record to preserve accomplishments and provide examples to the community.  When we are prepared with the recorded songs, we will perform publicly.  We are a gregarious group and we enjoy hosting an audience that likes what we do.


After our recordings of creative and eclectic cover songs, we will begin to include our own original music.

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