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Practical and Logical

The primary strength of this book is that it is very practical and logical. Becoming a follower of Jesus doesn't mean turning off your brain. This book would especially appeal to those who are seeking the truth with an open mind. Committed followers will also be blessed. The book challenged me to develop a closer relationship with the Lord.

- K. Hudson  December 16, 2016


...this book is so "Tom", a scientist, engineer, inventor, deep thinker,,,,yet a writing style that shows his humorous side. This book is one that even the non-christian community should enjoy and find pertinent in their own daily life. My hope is that it will bring all readers a little closer to living and enjoying all the good things that God brings to each and every one. ....God go with us all....!

- Joel  February 28, 2017

late night conversations about life

About the Author

Tom Rucktenwald

Tom Rucktenwald defines himself as an adopted child of God, stating that his entrance into the family was created by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His purpose is to serve as a friend and to worship God through his life, prayers, songs, and actions, to reflect the love of God much like the moon reflects the light of the sun, and to spread the Good News in words and actions that the world can understand.


In practical terms, Tom Rucktenwald is an everyday person, living in Groveland, FL, blessed with a supportive and loving wife of many years. Three sons who are themselves blessed with loving wives or girlfriends, and young grandchildren grace our existence; none live in this area as one of the things our sons learned from us is independence including their location on this planet.


Raised in a mainline but Bible-believing denomination, Tom has grown into his now advancing years with a bit of knowledge and hopefully some wisdom to share through the walk that he has experienced in Christ. Much of that life was blessed with a career in electronics for entertainment. Companies ranged from huge corporate conglomerates to start-ups. Products, services, and expertise included things like toys, musical instruments, audio recording and musical product, TV and movies, data and data broadcasting, and radio including digital radio. He holds two patents and invented several toys. He is the grandfather of automatic harmony generation for electronic musical instruments and also of the distributed encryption embodiment included in the terrestrial digital radio standard. He has written and published a number of articles for technical and professional publications including the NAB Proceedings and the IEEE Journal as well as for trade publications like Radio and Radio World. He was quoted by respected and well-regarded magazines and papers like TV Technology, Mix, Billboard, and The Wall Street Journal.


Tom loves creativity and continues down that path at every opportunity. That includes this book and any package that might proceed from it, musical composition and performance, and his artwork, which has received some success and acclaim at conventions like Gallifrey One and San Diego Comic Con.


Every day is a walk with God. This book is a witness.

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