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What If It's Really True? ...

Available in paperback and digital

What's it about?

The book intends to bring the reader through an upward spiral of ever-increasing faith, leading them along a path to spiritual maturity.  It addresses controversial topics and focuses on God's love and grace. 

The beginning chapter starts with the basic realization that there IS a God and the topics and chapters progress from there, directing the reader to take steps forward in faith. The intention is to ultimately exhort and encourage the reader to make a solid commitment to Christ, a deep lifetime and lifelong commitment.

The book is written as if this is one side of a discussion or conversation across a coffee table. The conversational flow presents examples and information in a logical order.

This book’s approach focuses on the “Love of God” and less on “sin.” When we accept God’s love and grace in faith, He takes us by the hand and leads us forward.

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