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"It is what it is"

Straight talk for business owners



Do you spend all of your working time working IN your business, or do you spend some time working ON your business?

​Your business is like a ship.  When you are working IN your business, you are shoveling coal into the engine. 

Shoveling coal is noble.  You may really like shoveling coal and prefer to do it more than anything else.  Great!

The only problem is, while you are shoveling coal, where is the ship headed?

You could be going in circles. You could be headed in the wrong direction. ​

When you work ON your business, you sit in the captain's chair. The ocean of business is before and around you. You set the direction of your business ship.

One sure way to work ON your business each week is to plan. Set goals; prioritize activities; note accomplishments; revise and adjust.

I am big on plans. All of the things that I invented and all of the projects and products that succeeded were due to the plans and goals that set the path for success.

​Hey, -----It is what it is-----

Work ON your business by making plans and setting goals. If you don't, may be going in circles, perhaps circling the drain.

​To your business success,


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