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In Person or On The Phone

I prefer personal contact, face to face when that is possible. However, when distance or time separates us, the phone is often a convenience that can accommodate your growth and improvement.


This style of interaction is very personal and it is specifically created for you and your company. Through our conversations and work together, we will focus in on your needs. We will go where that must take us and together we will create the hopes and dreams that are possible.

Whether you are a small start up looking for the best way to begin or a mature company looking to change your operation or improve your results, That Great Day will maximize your possibilities. I will guarantee that.

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops are big events with a specific goal. Build a business plan or build a marketing or strategic plan might be an example theme. While there may be many people in the room, the workshop and the materials will conform to your specific needs and circumstances. A question, for instance, might be "Why are you doing this workshop or why are you creating this plan?" The answer to that question might be one that makes the results very specific to you and your company. There is time for questions, interaction, and for networking, all very valuable, in addition to the accomplishments of the day. Plan to spend a number of hours at a workshop and be ready to work hard. 


Seminars are shorter events that will build your knowledge base. Most of these, for you, are free or at a very nominal cost. It is an opportunity to learn and to interact with me and with the other attendees. Think of all of the events and conferences that you attended that imparted little knowledge or wisdom. Would it be good to walk away from one with something you can use in your life and business? I promise you that you will experience value.

Purchased Study

Be prepared for an intense learning and writing experience that facilitates you in creating your own plan for your business. You will spend all the time that you need at your pace, learning with your instructor Tom Rucktenwald through this DVD package; you will intersperse study with writing the business plan section-by-section in a manner specific for your company.


You package includes a DVD, a binder with the presentation and the pages to write the sections to be written, and a CD with the files and templates that match the written sections in order to create the final document.


Does that sound good? Do you want to create the best possible business plan for your company?

Online Study

this will be an expansion area for us. Offered packages, like those available through the mail, will be offered as an online service.


In order to accomplish this, we will require online registration, secure interconnect so that your work will be private and only for you and your company, and secure storage to hold your draft work and your final result.


The link is presently inactive, but we will be working on this and soon offer this as a service for you.

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